Union Nederlandse Rugby Bond
Coach Template:Country data NED Erik Hengeveld
Captain Jerker Grader
Kit left arm dutch rugby Kit body Kit right arm dutch rugby
Kit shorts
Kit socks
Team colours
First international
Template:Country data Netherlands Netherlands 0 - 6 Belgium Template:Country data Belgium
(July 1, 1930)
Largest win
Template:Country data Netherlands Netherlands 62 - 0 Denmark Template:Country data Denmark
(October 6, 1973)
Worst defeat
Flag of England England 110 - 0 Netherlands Template:Country data Netherlands
(November 14, 1998)

The Netherlands national rugby union team are a national sporting side of Netherlands, representing them at rugby union. The side first played in 1930.


The Netherlands played their first game in 1930, against Belgium on July 1, which Belgium won 6-0. The Netherlands played Belgium and Germany as well as Romania.

During the 1940s they were regularly playing Belgium and Germany. The 1960s saw the side play West Germany regularly. The 1960s saw fixtures including matches against Poland, Sweden, Spain and Czechoslovakia.

The 1970s saw fixtures played against teams including Italy. They won a number of games from 1984 through to 1987. Since the introduction of the Rugby World Cup, the Netherlands has yet to qualify for the finals tournament.

Modern times have been hard, but hope is on the horizon with up-and-coming players Gregor van der Boon and Tim Raemaekers.

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